Generate income, preserve cultural heritage, and catalyze connections in Southwest Asia image

Generate income, preserve cultural heritage, and catalyze connections in Southwest Asia

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Pioneer cultural heritage preservation and trail development by giving a gift that makes DOUBLE the impact!

In 2023, Abraham Path’s trail development and cultural heritage preservation projects highlight the peoples and cultures in southeastern Turkey, northern Iraq, and Iraqi Kurdistan. Every tax-deductible investment nurtures economic growth, catalyzes connections, and supports heritage preservation projects, both on-the-ground and by building awareness.

And in honor of Executive Director Anisa Mehdi's six-and-a-half year tenure, the Board of Directors is matching each gift dollar-for-dollar. This means each donation will make TWICE the difference!

Keep our pedal to the metal in three main areas:

1. Rehabilitating Abraham’s Path Turkey after the devastating earthquakes
Abraham Path Initiative launched campaigns aimed at providing assistance to friends and colleagues impacted by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria in early February, immediately after the earthquake hit. As rebuilding continues, API shifts focus to long-term development goals, like reconstruction of homes and guesthouses along the path, and reviving the walking trail, Abraham’s Path.

Walking Abraham's Path Turkey near Harran | Photo by Jodie Hilton

2. Cultural heritage preservation projects in the Nineveh Governorate of Iraq
In 2022, API launched cultural heritage preservation projects in the Nineveh Governorate in northwestern Iraq, with support from the ALIPH Foundation. In Bakhdida (Qaraqosh), southeast of Mosul, our partners at the Assyrian Aid Society are producing short films documenting the practice of traditional Syriac Catholic embroidery. To the west, in the Ezidi community of Shingal (Sinjar), Dr. Makrina Finlay and a local family are researching xêr, the practice of personal and communal blessing that is helping this wounded community recover from ISIS’s devastating 2014 assault. Your support will assist API in sharing our research and the films globally.

Left: Mannequins in traditional embroidered garb at the Syriac Heritage Museum | Top Right: Filming at daybreak in Sheikh Mand, an Ezidi shrine | Bottom Right: Ezidi New Year's Celebrations at Lalish (all photos by Anisa Mehdi)

3. Further development of the Zagros Mountain Trail in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Our partners in the Kurdistan region of Iraq continue developing the Zagros Mountain Trail (ZMT), the first long-distance hiking trail in Iraqi Kurdistan. Your early support this year will keep our pedal to the metal:
  • Deepening relationships with guides and homestay host families,
  • Hosting day-long walks along the ZMT (for information on walking, email:, and
  • Completing a second through-hike, reinforcing the route and maintaining community enthusiasm.

Lawin Mohammad leads a hike in Rwanduz Gorge along the Zagros Mountain Trail | Photo by Anisa Mehdi

Join us in creating a future in which Southwest Asia is again recognized as a cradle of culture and civilization and becomes known worldwide for hospitality and walking trails.

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