Build paths through our complex world image

Build paths through our complex world

Help develop new trails to foster friendships through the simple act of walking

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Be a path builder in a complex world

Journey with the Abraham Path Initiative in 2022 to walking trails in northern Iraq, meet women that are moving the cultural dial, environmental activists, and people preserving heritage and traditions.

So far this year, through API's Postcards from the Path and webinar series, Meet Us on the Abraham Path, you've met Dimitri Khashram, Mayyada Abu Jaber, Woroud Shabarati, Emily Garthwaite, Arzu Yilmaz, Suzan and Salam Sahori, and walked with Lionel Sauvage through the Jordan countryside. They've connected with you and connected you to Southwest Asia in new ways. Connecting on line is a silver lining to the setbacks of the global pandemic.

You've seen API's flagship project in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq on the cover of The New York Times Magazine.

Now's the time to step up and assist API in our forward strides this year:

Presto! You're building paths in a complex world.

Thank you.